Apr 15 2015

Chaparral senior fights to keep dream of diploma

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Chaparral senior fights to keep dream of diplomaBuy PhotoJames "Bubba" Dukes plays with his daughter Nehemiah at the family's new apartment near Sam's Town on Wednesday, March 19, 2014. The family fled their previous apartment after a neighbor was brutality murdered and their apartment was cleaned out by thieves. (Jeff Scheid/Las Vegas Review Journal)Chaparral senior fights to keep dream of diplomaGraduating Chaparral High School senior Jessica Suarez, left, is congratulated by Assistant Principal Ramona Esparza, center, and Velvette Williams, site coordinator for Communities in Schools during a senior class graduation event at the school on Friday, May 30, 2014. Suarez had multiple issues at home but she is planning on going to UNLV this fall. (Jeff Scheid/Las Vegas Review Journal)Chaparral senior fights to keep dream of diplomaChaparral High School student Jessica Suarez, second from left, during a senior class graduation event at the school on Friday, May 30, 2014. Suarez had multiple issues at home but will attend UNLV this fall. (Jeff Scheid/Las Vegas Review Journal)Chaparral senior fights to keep dream of diplomaMargret Cole holds her two month old granddaughter Nehemiah Dukes on Tuesday, Oct. 29, 2013. Cole is raising her daughter's children and her grandchild. (Jeff Scheid/Las Vegas Review Journal)Chaparral senior fights to keep dream of diplomaChaparral High School principal Dave Wilson sits in his office after viewing James "Bubba" Dukes proficiency scores on Thursday, April 3, 2014. Dukes will not be graduating from high school. (Jeff Scheid/Las Vegas Review Journal)Chaparral senior fights to keep dream of diplomaChaparral High School transition counselor secretary Loretta Tucker talks to James "Bubba" Dukes in outside the school's administrative office on Thursday, April 10,2014. (Jeff Scheid/Las Vegas Review Journal)Chaparral senior fights to keep dream of diplomaAs a Chaparral High School junior, James "Bubba" Dukes was a promising football player buffeted by personal crises as he fought to fulfill White Patent Leather Balindono his potential.The story of the student and the school is chronicled in a three part Las Vegas Review Journal series.Part 1: As a senior, his battle to graduate intensifies, mirroring Chaparral's own struggle to help students like Dukes succeed.Part 2:Many hands offer help to the Chaparral High School senior, a teen father reaching for a diploma that's his key to a football scholarship Purple Leather Big Kiss and his stepping stone out of poverty.Part 3:Graduating, always a long shot for Dukes, becomes even more unlikely. With less than three months to graduation, the football player hoping for an athletic scholarship is still short a year's worth of credits.Also, see this photo feature with images taken in 2012:With one swing of his fist, James "Bubba" Dukes knocks a student to the weight room floor.Hands clenched, the Chaparral High School senior stands over the stranger, who is unconscious and convulsing. The two faced off because the brawny North Las Vegas student at Chaparral in late March for a Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps competition was harassing weightlifters, according to witnesses. Dukes asked him to be respectful, but the visitor called him a derogatory name and lunged at him."I made the wrong choice," says Dukes, who is charged with battery and must appear in court the week before commencement.Graduating, always a long shot for Dukes, is even more unlikely now. With less than three months to graduation, the football player hoping for an athletic scholarship is short a year's worth of credits.He is wrung out by a year of tortuous life twists and the effort to provide for his girlfriend and daughter, born two days before his senior year started. But Dukes recommitted to finishing school after a brief stint selling drugs. He wants to graduate for the sake of his larger family, which has been on the brink of homelessness for most of the school year.Dukes tells his five younger sisters, "If I can make it, and we fashionshoes.us.com all in the same house and we all going through the same stuff, you all can make it, too." He's in the habit of giving them each a dollar for good grades.Now, though, Dukes probably will be kicked out of Chaparral for brawling. What to do with Dukes is problematic for principal David Wilson. An expulsion would send Dukes to behavioral school, where the focus is on correcting discipline problems, not on graduating students."If I put him in behavioral school, he'd be lost forever," Wilson says of Dukes, a student he has guided and supported since becoming principal in 2011.Wilson's rule is expulsion for serious violence. One of his first acts as principal was to set a zero tolerance policy for fighting and drugs, an attempt to change the culture at Chaparral. Highway 95 and Flamingo Road, had a history of both www.fashionshoes.us.com when Wilson arrived with a $2.5 million federal grant in one pocket and the power to replace staff members in the other. His charge: Show a significant improvement in the 34 percent graduation rate and do it by 2014.The graduation rate has increased substantially under Wilson, but the school still struggles with students like Dukes, who face pitfalls such as truancy, drugs, criminal opportunities and their consequences.

early guesswork on 2015 rankings

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Some didn't even stop to have a cup of coffee before putting out way too early Top 25 rankings for the 2015 season. If it seems silly, it also gives you fashionshoes.us.com an early idea of what some teams have coming back, and where the Huskers are viewed as they begin life under Mike Riley.

Basically, NU is seen as a team at the bottom of the Top 25, or just www.fashionshoes.us.com outside.

Here is an early Top 25 from ESPN's Mark Schlabach. You won't see Nebraska in there. You will see Big Multicolor Python Dandy Ten West mates Wisconsin and Minnesota.

USA Today's Paul Myerberg had his own early Top 25. He has Ohio State No. 1, Michigan State No. 8, Wisconsin No. 20, and Nebraska No. http://www.fashionshoes.us.com/ 25.

About Nebraska, Myerberg writes: "Why No. 25? Because there's enough talent to make first year coach Mike Riley's debut a fairly successful one. Add to that a kind schedule: Nebraska draws Brigham Young, Wisconsin, Michigan State and Iowa at home, though the Cornhuskers do take a nonconference trip to Miami (Fla.) to take on the Hurricanes. In another year, perhaps, Nebraska would be a valid dark horse contender coming out of the Big Ten. But even with assets in their corner, the Cornhuskers will hit a bit of a learning curve under the new staff."

One thing you might note in those two sets of rankings is that USC is going to be a trendy pick in 2014. Schlabach has the Trojans No. 4 and Myberberg has them at No. 13. I'll be surprised if they don't start the year in the Top 10. So NU fans might take something from the fact their team was just a finger short of getting a win against that team in the bowl game.

So, there. Start the conversation in full for Black Leather Freddy what comes next while enjoying the fact Fall Out Boy can't harm you anymore.

It's less than eight months until BYU comes to town. You'd think last night's dominating show by Ohio State, and the gap it showed White Leather Freddy exist between the Buckeyes and everyone else, should be some motivation.

Chaparral heats up after falling behind early

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Chaparral Ryan Bayster.(Photo: azcentral sports)After falling behind 9 0, host fashionshoes.us.com Chaparral kicked it into high gear and pulled away in the final quarter for a 64 55 Division I, Section 3 boys basketball victory that completes an 18 0 power points regular season for the home team.

The players celebrated in a shower of red and yellow streamers and a large student section that filled the floor.

"It was Senior Night, a little emotional, and we came out not focused," said senior guard Kenzo Nudo, who had 19 points, and showing great grit on the glass, pulling down rebounds and scoring on put backs. "We knew we needed to really hit the boards."

Chaparral captured the section title and will play Glendale Deer Valley on Wednesday at Scottsdale Desert Mountain in the first round of the eight team super sectional tournament that combines Sections 1 and 3.

Pinnacle (18 Purple Leather Big Kiss 8) is the fourth and final seed from Section 3 and opens Wednesday against Section 1 champion Anthem Boulder Creek at Phoenix Sandra Day O'Connor.

"We never make it a goal to www.fashionshoes.us.com be undefeated (in power points games)," Chaparral coach Dan Peterson said. "We just want to be ready for the next game.

"What they were able to accomplish was amazing. But White Patent Leather Balindono it's another step toward our goal."

Chaparral (23 4) didn't look ready to start Friday's regular season finale. It missed its first 10 shots, before warming up.

Peterson felt a steal and a Brandon Hoffer layup to beat the buzzer to end the first quarter jump started his team.

After that, Chaparral made 10 of 13 second quarter field goals and took a 33 29 halftime lead on Nudo's last second 3 pointer.

"I knew our guys were going to respond and they did," Peterson said. "They kept playing aggressively and didn't stop.

"The keys were honestly, we got a steal and a bucket at the end of the first quarter. And at the end of the half, we got that penetration 3. It gives you momentum. That was huge for Black Leather Big Kiss us."

Pinnacle took a 36 35 lead http://www.fashionshoes.us.com/ on Peyton Mallory's 3 in the third quarter, but Chaparral outrebounded Pinnacle 9 4 the rest of the period, with Ryan Bayster going hard to the glass. He had 12 points in the game.

"We played they earlier in the season and they killed us on the glass," Bayster said. "It was big for us to get on the boards. It allowed us to get spread outs and dunks. And that brought the energy."

Chaparral scored the first five points of the final quarter, increasing its lead to nine, as Bayster's dunk electrified the red class student section.

Disney World Vacation on a Budget

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Eat Two MealsYou can often get by with two meals a day rather than three on your Disney World vacation. replica michael kors handbags For breakfast, you can pack cereal or buy a muffin, bagel or other inexpensive item. Make lunch your main meal, especially if you are eating at a sit cheap michael kors handbagsdown Disney restaurant, as lunch menus often have cheaper prices for the same items served at dinner time. Eat dinner at a counter service location. Candy stores, bakeries, ice cream shops and snack carts might tempt you and your family between meals, so bring dried fruit, granola bars or other snacks to eat instead. Carry your own water bottles and refill them at the easy to find fountains instead of buying beverages. You are allowed to bring these items into the theme park, but your bag will be inspected by security before you enter the gates.

Do Free ActivitiesThere are many replica michael kors handbagstempting extra cost activities at Disney World. For example, many hotels feature boat rentals and there are two miniature golf courses on Disney property. Fortunately, free activities abound: Swim in your hotel's pool, visit Disney's Fort Wilderness campground for the free nightly sing a long and movie with Chip 'n' Dale or let the kids play in the Downtown Disney fountains fake michael kors handbags and stop in the Ghirardelli store for a free chocolate sample. Disney hotels post a schedule of free activities each day; you will receive it when you check in.

Customize Your TicketsMany people choose the Park Hopper options for their Disney World theme park tickets. This extra cost option allows replica michael kors handbags them to move freely between all four parks and visit more than one each day. A less expensive option is to participate in free evening activities after a daytime visit to a theme park. For example, after a day at Disney's Animal Kingdom, head to the Contemporary Resort. From there, you can see the Magic Kingdom fireworks and Electrical Water Pageant without entering the park.

Drake hopes to put his stamp on YOLO trademark

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Drake may be the most famous disciple of YOLO, the acronym for only live once popularized in his 2011 single Motto, but it remains to be seen whether the Toronto rapper will get his wish and have merchandisers cut him a cheque for its usage.

The 26 year old hip hop star posted a photo last month of shelves filled with snapback ball caps that read YOLO.

you gotta either chill or cut the cheque, he wrote. A minute later, he added, same goes for you, alongside a photo of a T shirt featuring Charlie Brown and Snoopy that read, is my motto. In 2012, it was named both the Oxford American Dictionary runner up word of the year (after and made Lake Superior State University list of words that should be banished.

While Drake can claim credit for the current YOLO craze, profiting off it is another matter. In Canada, the rapper is late to the YOLO wars, where trademark applications have already been made by a weight loss empire, adventure tourism company, frozen http://www.fashionshoes.us.com/ yogurt franchise and wine label, among others.

A Toronto based company even claims to have applied for YOLO trademarks on the rap superstar behalf. Online furniture retailer That Guy Corp. applied for trademarks on You Only Live Once for fragrances in February and for a unique YOLO graphic for cosmetics in December.

When reached by phone, the trademark owner claimed to be a personal friend of Drake much if I own it, he owns it, he said, declining to provide his name. Drake Canadian lawyer, Chris Taylor of Taylor Klein Oballa LLP would say only, are not commenting on Drake activity in this area.

That Guy Corp. YOLO graphic, which features a zigzag line resembling a heart monitor, has been trademarked for 54 different cosmetic products including aftershave, nail polish, and hair dye.

But as for apparel such as Macy Snoopy tees, in Canada, that cheque would go to Vancouver based weight loss company Yolo Medical, which owns the trademark on YOLO apparel. They began acquiring and You Only Live Once trademarks in 2009. and Europe.

It would help Drake case if he coined the term. But that distinction goes to reality star Adam Mesh, the runner up on the 2003 reality show Average Joe. Over the phone from Miami, Mesh explains YOLO originated when he shortened his fashionshoes.us.com mantra only live once but if you do it right, once is enough to fit on his phone screensaver: hence

When the www.fashionshoes.us.com amiable New York stock broker returned to reality TV for Average Joe: Adam Returns in 2004, he was decked out in YOLO hats and t shirts. A clothing line followed and soon People magazine was reporting that Jessica Simpson had purchased YOLO bracelets.

But even then, a Philadelphia sportswear company held the YOLO trademark, independent of the only live once link. Mesh opted not Multicolor Cotton Dandy to fight it. it was getting back into play, everyone was like, why didn you trademark this? Mesh says. was annoying, because we tried to. Johnny Carson won a landmark case in 1983 against the company Here Johnny Portable Toilets Inc. for their twist on his Tonight Show introduction. After Carson died in 2005, the company made another attempt to register the trademark. It was rejected, again, in 2010.

Celebs who successfully trademarked their catchphrases include Paris Hilton, who trademarked hot in 2007. The Situation, has filed for 33 trademarks including (gym, tan, laundry).

Houston Rockets basketball sensation Jeremy Lin applied in February to trademark And anyone who takes issues with gold medal winning Black Leather Dandy American swimmer Ryan Lochte trademarking his signature has until Feb. 6 to contest it.

Charlie Sheen applied to trademark 22 phrases during the height of his warlock days, including and Celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse trademarked Nadya Suleman trademarked and former Los Angeles Lakers coach Pat Riley trademarked

Beyonc and Jay Z attempted to trademark their daughter name, Blue Ivy, but were barred because it conflicted with event planning company Blue Ivy Events.

As for Drake, entertainment lawyer Eb Reinbergs of Three60Legal says the rapper will have a hard time arguing his right to trademark YOLO in Canada for clothing.

can challenge it and say, I used it before, Reinbergs says. used it on what? Drake hasn used it on anything.

And while that YOLO ball cap may indeed be a trademark violation, it the owners of pre existing YOLO trademarks who should ask retailers to the cheque not Drake.

July 2006: The Strokes launch Operation YOLO to promote their single Only Live Once. 1, 2008: Fort Lauderdale YOLO restaurant opens. Rick Ross visits.

Nov. 15, 2011: Drake album Take Care drops. On Knows, Rick Ross raps you only live once. 29, 2011: Drake releases Motto featuring the hook Only Live Once, that the motto n , YOLO. 16, 2011: Zac Efron debuts a Brown Dandy YOLO tattoo.

Chantelle Houghton and Towie's Georgina Dorsett attend

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VIP opening of East Goscote baby products firm Baby http://www.fashionshoes.us.com/ Lurve

Since then, it has expanded to sell a range of Purple Leather Big Kiss products from pushchairs and prams to clothing and accessories through its own website, stocking brands such as Storksak, Mima, Pink Lining, Joolz, Izziwotnot and Cloud B.

Natalie and Dean, who used to run the business in their spare time, quit their day jobs to concentrate on the business full time.

Last week, the business launched its showroom at East Goscote with an event attended by celebrities including former Big Brother Black Leather Big Kiss winner Chantelle Houghton and The Only Way Is Essex star Georgina Dorsett, the pregnant girlfriend of Manchester United and England footballer Tom Cleverly.

Natalie said: "We took out the lease www.fashionshoes.us.com on a warehouse last June and have had the showroom built inside it.

"It means we have somewhere to store the products for the online side of the business and White Patent Leather Balindono the showroom allows them to look and feel.

"The online side of the business has never slowed down and we have always analysed what has sold very closely which has meant all the products fashionshoes.us.com have been very popular."